Blissful Body - a powerful experience for your body & soul

Welcome to my page about Blissful Tantra Massage! 

Intention of such massage is to release & energize processes in your body for the experience of blissful states. We utilize primal sexual energy, the vital essence of all life forms that is in nature empowering, creative, enlivening and inspirational.

 Tantra MASSAGE combines principles of tantra, tao and meditation, with sensual & stimulatiing motion, aromatherapy and deeply relaxing oil massage.


 ~ Dive into the mysteries of your body, open up to deep enjoyment through my conscious, sensual and loving touch.~


"As a Dakini, I am a spiritual guide and inspirational muse
I nurture people along the path
I encourage them towards liberation
As the spirit seeks ever-greater beauty and freedom"

~The Golden Dakini


The goddess has never been lost. It is just that some of us have forgotten how to find her.

Patricia Monaghan

When we are feeling very stressed our valuable life-force energy is wasted on thoughts and emotions that steal our vitality and give us nothing in return. When we breathe correctly and relax we free lost energy which returns to us to nourish our body, mind & soul. This massage is an exquisite spiritual journey providing physical and mental relaxation that opens up new dimension of experiencing your true Self.