I just wanted to say again how amazing, how beautiful I found our session on Wednesday. It was the best tantric massage I have ever had, from the very first touch of your hands. I had a feeling beforehand that our meeting might be something quite special; I could only have dreamed how much so. I was wishing I had been less nervous at the start, and more able to discuss the session; I think I was a bit off-balance as I was leaving so soon. As it turned out, none of this mattered. As our session progressed, a calm relaxation, a feeling of wellbeing, trust and contentment, grew into something so strong. I feel we reached a connection, body and soul, and felt oh such a bliss, which I wanted to go on for ever, and am so glad that you were able to feel this through me. At the end, overcome by waves of physical ecstasy, very strong and deep emotions were released in me and brought to the surface. At the time I felt unequal as to how to process them; even now, I struggle to find the right words. But your skill and grace, your beauty and empathy, are bright within me. I still wish we had more time, to hold one another, and that I didn’t have to leave so quickly; all the same, I’m so glad we made those few hours together so beautiful. Maybe our paths will cross again, in Prague or elsewhere; whatever the case, take care, with love, and thank you," - Mark


"Thank you so much for charging my batteries with your energy. That was wonderful.
See you," -