Tantra massage for men

Blissful Body Tantra Massage is given with a great respect, appreciation and love towards a human body whereby every cell is awaken and saturated. It is essentially conscious, loving, healing, sensual massage, while awakening and remembering our pure essence and erotic innocence. 

 Everything is approached slowly and with awareness of what is taking place.

All I ask is that you make a concerted effort to feel and sense the actuality of the energy and sensation, in a receptive mode, it is ultimately about your inner journey of self-discovery, self-knowledge, acceptance & cultivation of your sexual energy.  By beiny fully present you become fully aware. The more you surrender to the experience, the more you will benefit from it. 

IT IS NOT an interactive play or erotic show


We have an incredible capacity for pleasure. We need to be fully aware and present to tap into it.

  The purpose of my massage sessions is to open all the pathways, joints, energy centers so the blood and energy in the body can flow freely. Your deeper relaxation helps you to become aware of the sensual energy moving through your body and increases your capacity to recieve and be nourished by it. My hands are like guiding magick that will awaken your sensual juices and slowly built them up. This built-up core energy is then spread throughout the body, harmonising the whole. It is a wonderfully uplifting experience. (Warning:) This process may cause a lot of sexual stimulation and feel highly erotic; but don't worry...

Since deep, uninhibited breathing is necessary to help this energy flow, breath-work is encouraged in the massage session. Clients who continue with deep, slow, wave-like breathing during the massage are more likely to experience full-body wave-like orgasms. Nice!

Learn to LET GO and just BE and FEEL the Magic unfold! Be filled with potent divine creative energy that is yours to have!