Our BLISSFUL Encounters ~

We are here to play…and in the routine of daily life, that's easy to forget. Do you rush through life from one thing to the next, sensing that you can have a deeper experience of yourself but not knowing quite how to access it?

The access is not through achievements, but in FULLY EXPERIENCING the brilliant splendor of the senses, in your body, here and now. Tantra says orgasm isn't just the climax, or something you do; it's an energy that is always there, that you can plug into. And it is in FEELING your body, instead of just thinking about an experience. You can feel it when you simply allow your body to be turned on. 
You can learn how to relax into and function from this place. You can live the whole passion of your desire in a positive, loving light!
Get to experience this sensuous delight of a higher order... 
... through my soulful touch of deep comfort, relaxing music, warm oil, scents and candless... 
Being touched by another person who really cares about you is the most pleasurable thing that you can experience during my tantric massage.
Erotic Spirituality